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Public proxy servers are freely available for anyone to use, hence the name "public." It might seem like a tempting option due to their free price tag, but the drawbacks outweigh the savings.

Genuine proxies guarantee trustworthiness and performance from a reliable provider. Fresh proxies ensure you're using new, unblocked IPs for maximum anonymity.

Proxy surfing refers to the practice of using a proxy server to access the internet.

A proxy server list is a collection of IP addresses and ports for proxy servers. These servers act as intermediaries between your computer and the internet

HTTP Proxy

An HTTP proxy is one of the most commonly used proxies worldwide. These proxies are readily available online and easy to configure in your web browser settings.

Proxy Checker

A proxy checker is a valuable tool designed to assess the health and functionality of proxy servers. To check your proxy IPs, login to your Squidproxies account.

Both web proxy and web-based proxy offer a gateway to anonymized browsing, but they differ in their deployment, features, and security considerations. Here are their key differences.

Proxy IP Address

Imagine a digital intermediary, a go-between for your device and the vast expanse of the internet. That's the essence of a proxy IP address. It acts as a middleman, shielding your device's unique IP address.