Genuine and Fresh Proxies

Genuine Proxies refer to proxy IP addresses that emphasizes trustworthiness and reliability. They are typically private proxies that offer better performance and anonymity. The term “genuine proxies” is essentially a promise from the provider that the proxies are legitimate and of high quality.

On the other hand, Fresh Proxies focus on the age and usage history of the IP address. They are typically unused or recently added to a provider’s pool. This is important because proxies can get blocked by websites if they’ve been flagged for suspicious activity in the past. By using fresh proxies, you reduce the risk of encountering blocked IPs.

Where to Buy Genuine and Fresh Proxies

At SquidProxies, we understand the importance of both genuine reliability and cutting-edge freshness in proxies.

We don’t just offer proxy servers – we engineer them for unparalleled performance and unmatched reliability.

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Unblocked proxy sites refer to websites that offer proxy services that can circumvent website restrictions.

Proxy servers can help unblock websites. If a blocked site is essential, proxy servers offer a potential workaround.

Public proxy servers are freely available for anyone to use, hence the name "public." It might seem like a tempting option due to their free price tag, but the drawbacks outweigh the savings.