Proxies Anonymous- How do they Work?

Client server is one of the most widely used, universal methods used for exchanging data online. As the user through his system sends the request for some files to the server, the server replies the user’s request in the form of files. In order to get a complete support from the server and have good compatibility in between your computer and server, it is important for the user to share some extra information such as the computer’s version, operating system used and also the browser configuration. All these information are important to be known by the server so that it can decide which website is suitable for the user as there are several browsers which are not appropriate and compatible with the technology and design of some websites. Secondly, if the website is not dependent on the browser, it is a better option to conceal the details from the web server.

The information been transferred from the browser of the user to the web server are such as name of the operating system been used in the computer system, version of the browser, name of the browser, its configuration for example depth of the color, display resolution, plug-in, java script’s support and adobe, IP address of the user and other such information about the system.

One of the most important information needed to be provided to the server is the IP address. As by just getting the IP address of the user it is not difficult anymore to gather other details like country or city of the user, internet provider and also residential address of the user as well.

Due to the insecurity from the surrounding while working online it is not safe to freely share personal data online. Therefore, there is a variety of proxies available as per the environmental issues to provide protection and security to the users. Some of the popular and effective proxies are transparent proxies, anonymous proxies, simple anonymous proxies, distorting proxies and high anonymity proxies.