Public Proxy- How Secure Are They?

A public proxy server is one of the best and highly effective options available for the users of internet facing the problems of limited or blocked access. Today users have a facility available to hide their identity and other private data while working online as an anonymous.

There is a great variety of proxy sites available online serving for almost the same purpose to its users. As the request is made by the users for any website, it’s been firstly received by the proxy server and that starts its procedure independently. Therefore, the IP address of the user is not revealing to the website server.

Normally, public proxy servers hold their own independent connections but still users do have an option available to manage the connection from their systems as well. Since, this option to manage the connection at own is not secure therefore, hardly users use this option.

Most of the people get irritated and bored of searching for reliable proxy sites because of different issues. Since, there is plenty of proxy of sites available claiming to be best therefore; it’s hard for the users to select a right, trustworthy site from that many options. Secondly, if they choose one for the use they feel difficulty sometimes to get access and to use these sites. It is recommended to new users to have some patience and learn how to use how they can use these sites effectively.

By using a good software program it will be easier for user to get a efficient server to use. There are also some guideline files available that can also help the user to easily use these sites. One should keep in mind while downloading any software into their system that the software is compatible to their system, as if both system and software are not compatible with each other then user will face problem in getting access to the proxy server.