Unblock Blocked Sites

Different people get benefits from internet in different ways and meanings. You can use internet for uncountable purposes especially majority of people use it for educational or business purposes. People also use internet for entertainment as well like visiting different social networking sites and games. Most of the students and employees even at their school or offices also spend time on these entertaining sites that distract their attention from work. This article will provide you an overview to how to unblock blocked sites.

Now the question arises first that how schools and companies restrict these unproductive sites? Most of the schools and companies use their network’s IP address to restrict access to such sites. There are different social networking sites that are most frequently visited like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace therefore, especially these sites are been blocked more commonly in order to make sure that students and employees concentrate on their work completely. Some companies and schools also restrict visit of such site by setting of firewall in the system. Hence, a number of sites are labeled as blocked for the system and whenever user makes an attempt to visit any such site they face failure.

Next questions comes in mind is how to get access to these desired but blocked sites? To unblock blocked sites these days is not a big deal. By simple doing some research through any search engine using a keyword like public proxy server, you can easily get plenty of options available on your computer screen that can help you in gaining access to your favorite restricted sites.

A proxy server works as a middle party that sends the user request to the website and also brings back the response from the website to the user. When you visit any website your IP address is been saved with the website but if you use proxy site to get access to the website your proxy site IP address is been shown to the website. Hence, this small change in the IP address allows you to unblock the blocked website for you. This feature of the proxy site to hide your IP address allows you to visit any website being anonymous and you can work online by being identified by anyone.

It is known fact that if anyone gets your IP address then he can easily hack your personal data by reaching your ISP via IP address. Your ISP holds all the private data and records of online working and browsing, for years with it. Hence, you can easily protect your IP address and ISP by using proxy server sites. Mostly these proxy sites are been used for unblocking blocked sites.